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Jul 19

Sophie, Techies & A Whole New San Francisco

When you write a mystery series over a 12 year time span (SEX, MURDER & A DOUBLE LATTE was originally published in 2005) you are faced with the challenge of not just conveying the ways the characters change (and don’t) over the years but also conveying how the primary character has changed. No, I’m not talking about Sophie Katz, I’m …

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Jul 12

More Sophie and Some Outlining Angst

When I dined with George R.R. Martin a few weeks back I picked his brain in regards to his process. He confessed that he doesn’t outline. He just follows where the characters take him. I found that answer startling. Yes, it’s a very common answer for fiction writers to give but most writers have one …

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Jul 05

Cemeteries, Fireworks, & A Little Love For Sophie

I spent the 4th of July in the liveliest cemetery in the world. Yes, I’m talking about the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Home to Johnny Ramone, Douglass Fairbanks, Chris Cornell and venue for indie rock concerts, movie screenings and more. Last night we went to see the screening of Jurassic Park followed by a fireworks display …

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Jun 28

Music, Friends & A Little More Sophie

I’ve been going to a lot of concerts lately, or at least by my standards…perhaps this is sad, but two in a month is a lot for me. A day after Prince Day this year (June 7th), my friend Abigail & I went to see Princess, Maya Rudolph’s Prince cover band. I wasn’t sure what …

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Jun 21

Another Wednesday, Another Few Pages Of Sophie (+ an AWESOME celebrity encounter)

Due to my husband’s line of work I meet a lot of celebrities. I’ve hung out with Barbra Streisand, chatted with DiCaprio, hosted James Woods at my home, had long conversations with Cynthia Nixon, shaken the hand of Mick Jagger etc. etc. Meeting these people is always cool. It’s interesting to find out where public personas …

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Jun 14

New Wednesday, New Plans, New Sophie!

It seems that every time I introduce a new chapter of the new Sophie book, CHAOS, DECEIT & A KICK-ASS CUPCAKE, it’s accompanied by more news about my son. I suppose that makes some sense since being a mother and a writer are two of my six main roles in life. The other four are being a …

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