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Jan 05

Deadlines: A Necessary Evil, or Just Evil?

I’ve been thinking a lot about George R.R. Martin’s recent post: Last Year (Winds Of Winter). It’s a bit of a mea culpa in which he admits that he has missed his last two deadlines to turn in Winds Of Winter. In other words, it will not be out before Game Of Thrones returns to …

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Sep 29

Literary Exhibitionism

 Literary Exhibitionism Okay, I know I haven’t been very chatty lately. I’ve been busy doing things like writing, house-hunting and…oh yeah, getting married!!! I promise I’ll write more about that in the near future. But what brought me back today is friend and fellow New York Times bestselling author (still love saying that) Alina Adams. She’s …

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Aug 05

Writing Outlines: How I’ve Learned Not To Hate It

On Monday I went to see Jennifer Weiner speak at Vroman’s in Pasadena. If you haven’t heard her yet she’s a spectacular speaker and attending her events is well worth whatever drive is required to get to them (I’ll write more about Jennifer in a different post). During the event someone asked her if she …

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Jul 06

Making Time To Write

People are always emailing me to say that they’d like to write a book but they can’t find the time.  The most brutal (and obnoxious) way to respond to this is to say that a writer doesn’t “find” the time to write, they “make” the time to write.  And yet I totally understand where these …

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Jun 23

Recommend-A-Book-Wednesday: Davis’ The Accidental Columnist

I’ve been busy playing catch up after a long trip but I wanted to make sure to stop by here and suggest a book for Recommend-A-Book-Wednesday.  This week I want to direct your attention to The Accidental Columnist by Jeannie Davis.  It fits the description of what was once called “Chick Lit” and is now …

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